Cocktail recipies

Chocolate Chilli Moonshine Recipe Page

April 09, 2021

Chocoholics rejoice will love this amazing unique Moonshine drink! Rich chocolate notes greet your nose before you experience the wonderful marriage of smooth dark chocolate and a piquant of fresh chilli heat.

London Dry Gin Recipe Page

April 09, 2021

Experience the botanicals of juniper, cardamom, coriander and lemon zests, combining with the unrivalled smoothness of our sweet potato spirit. Triple distilled in copper pot stills in the UK.

Toffee Apple Moonshine Recipe Page

February 26, 2021

Sweet Potato Toffee Apple Moonshine was awarded Gold at the World Spirit Awards 2017 as well as a great taste award in 2020. It’s amassed a loyal fanbase over the last 5 years. It really is a favourite!

Earl Grey Recipe Page

February 26, 2021

Taking our Classic Gin and blending it with earl grey offers a unique new twist to our diverse range. A favourite at shows and events, Find out how to make the most of this delicious alternative from The Sweet Potato Spirit Co.

Pink Marshmallow Recipe page

February 19, 2021

Our Pink Marshmallow is one of our most popular flavours. Here you will find information and serve suggestions to help you make the most of this amazing product. Click to read more...