Raspberry Gin liqueur Recipe Page

April 09, 2021

The finest home-grown English raspberries are chosen to complement our hand-picked sweet potatoes. A delicate perfume of violet petals gives way to a delightfully light sugar sweetness and gentle acidity on the finish.

SP Pink Prosecco

July 02, 2020

A simple but very tasty recipe that is incredibly easy to make at home. The SP Pink Prosecco is perfect for those lazy summer afternoons, or evenings. Click here to learn more about this and other delicious recipes from the Sweet Potato Spirit Company.

S.P Sparkle

February 27, 2020

We love a glass of bubbles on a hot day. In fact, any day, as we find even the smallest victories to celebrate! For add some Sweet Potato smoothness to our sparkle, our drinks experts recommend adding a measure of Sweet Potato Raspberry Gin to a glass of Prosecco, and garnishing with a simple raspberry. Devine.