SP Raspberry Frose - The Sweet Potato Spirit Co

The Frosé is a versatile cocktail which can be used as a dessert or a drink, it's the perfect accompaniment to your valentines meal.


Glass: Rocks/Wine
Ice: None
Garnish: Raspberries
Straw: None

- 50ml SP Raspberry Gin Liqueur
- 150ml Rose wine
- 2 Drops Rosewater (optional)
- Simple syrup (to taste)
- 3 Raspberries

1. In a zip lock freezer bag, crush raspberries, add SPS Raspberry, rose, simple syrup and rose water; mix together and seal bag before placing in freezer

2. When frozen, empty bag’s contents in blender to create slushy. 

3. If required, add extra simple syrup into blender, the Frose should have a consistent, slushy texture.

4.  Garnish with fresh raspberries


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