SP Pink Marshmallow Moonshine Serves
Our Pink Marshmallow Moonshine is one of our most popular flavours. A gold medal winner at the World Spirit Awards in 2017, it was more recently awarded a Great taste award in 2020. It's easy to see why so many people are enjoying this unique flavour, Here you will find some of our recommended serve suggestions to help you make the most of this award winning unique spirit.

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SP Pink Lemonade
SP Pink Lemonade

If you love a refreshing lemonade you'll love the way the lemon blends in your palate. The citrus kick, the vanilla and caramel notes in our SP Pink Marshmallow Moonshine add a sweet refreshing burst in your mouth with a glowing aftertaste. Keep this simple and enjoy this on a refreshing sunny day with ice. Simple and amazing.

Glass: Highball
Ice: Lots
Garnish: None
Straw: Optional (reusable)

35ml SP Pink Marshmallow Moonshine
100ml Lemonade

Method: Fill glass with ice, add SP Pink Marshmallow Moonshine, lemonade and stir until the glass is fully chilled.


SP PINK Coconut Recipe

SP Pink Coconut

On a refreshing summer day you want nothing more than to be sitting with the sun beating down and an SP Pink Coconut in your hand. Simple things are often great. Ice, coconut water and SP Pink Marshmallow Moonshine.

Glass: Globe or Highball or out the coconut is great too!
Ice: Yes
Garnish: Coconut shavings, mini marshmallows or none
Straw: Reusable

125ml Coconut water

Method: Add items to glass, mix and serve 

SP Pink Hot Chocolate Recipe

SP Pink Hot Chocolate

We love hot chocolate and you can enjoy chocolate milk with so many different combinations. It's exciting to try them with our SP Pink Marshmallow moonshine. Generally it really works well with coconut, try it in: Coconut water, milk, ice cream and you'll get a range of exciting and delicious results. Our SP Hot Choc make with coconut milk is really quite special.

Glass: Mug or thermal glass
Ice: No
Garnish: Mini marshmallows & cream
Straw: None

100ml Hot Chocolate milk
Spray cream (optional)

Method: Add our SP Pink Marshmallow to your Hot Chocolate, gently stir, garnish to taste and serve

SP Pink Rose

SP Pink Rose

Our Pink Marshmallow Moonshine is really quite versatile and when mixed with rose lemonade the botanicals bubble and your left with a taste reminiscent of Turkish Delight. A great afternoon sipper chilled in the sun.

Glass: Highball, Rocks or Coupette
Ice: Yes
Garnish: Frozen Raspberry
Straw: None

75ml Rose Lemonade

Method: Fill glass with ice and pour rose lemonade over ice and SP PMM Moonshine, add a frozen raspberry if you're feeling fruity. (Mini marshmallows can also be considered as an alternative garnish)

Salted Marshmallow Shake

SP Salted Marshmallow Shake

The SP Pink Marshmallow shake is something you simply have to drink. This is perfect on a summer afternoon or an evening by the fire, get your blender out and load it with ice, ice cream and your favourite milk and you won't be disappointed, this refreshing Pink Marshmallow recipe really compliments the vanilla caramel SP notes in our Pink Marshmallow Moonshine

Glass: Globe 
Ice: Yes, mixed or crushed 
Garnish: Ice shard strip (this is extra fancy but handy for extra chill & stirring)
Straw: Metal or a long spoon

2 spoon fulls of Salted Caramel Ice cream 
1 glass of coconut milk
3 short pours of SP Pink Marshmallow Moonshine blended to taste

Method: Add all ingredients to blender with extra ice and blend for 10 secs, pour into glass add extra ice and serve.

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