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May 23, 2019

It’s that time of year again folks! Of course, I mean it the harvest time of our flavoursome Sweet Potatoes. This year has been very kind to us, with frost-free conditions that make our potatoes grow to their highest quality. Over the next 2-3 weeks we will be hand picking our crop straight from the soil!

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May 23, 2019

Hello there Sweet Potato lovers! As many of you will know, Sweet Potato HQ is based in the Cotswolds….and that’s why I find myself today in the beautiful spa town of Cheltenham.

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May 23, 2019

The Cotswold Lavender fields are ever present in this new summer classic. Dry lavender on the nose subtly entices, opening to lavender buds and candied violets. The floral juniper marries fragrant lavender to leave an enveloping soft texture on the palate. Delicious in a summer G&T, certain to be a hit...

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Which S.P are you?

Sweet Potato Toffee Apple Moonshine

Sweet Potato Raspberry Gin Liqueur

Sweet Potato Pink Marshmallow Moonshine

Sweet Potato Chocolate Moonshine with Chilli

Sweet Potato Plum Gin

Sweet Potato Spiced Rum

Sweet Potato London Dry Gin

Sweet Potato Orange Gin Liqueurs

Sweet Potato Lavender Gin Liqueur

Sweet Potato Vodka

Sweet Potato Moonshine

Mix it up with S.P

The Virtuous Martini

Ingredients:Glass: Martini (chilled) Ice: Cubed (for shaking or stirring) Garnish: Lemon Twist 50ml Sweet Potato Vodka To taste: Dry Vermouth

Method: Either shake the Sweet Potato Vodka and vermouth in a shaker with cubed ice or stir a mixing glass. Strain into a chilled martini glass, and garnish with a twist of lemon. A cocktail in its simplest and truest form, the Martini. As our Sweet Potato Vodka has been recent praised by esteemed drinks writers as being so good it should be consumed neat, our choice of cocktails is naturally with the minimum of fuss. How much vermouth? Shaken or stirred? The choice is yours! With Sweet Potato Vodka, you will always achieve a smooth & well-rounded martini, every time.

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The S.P Sparkle

Ingredients: Glass: Champagne Flute Garnish: Orange Twist 25ml Sweet Potato Orangecello Top with: Sparkling Wine, Prosecco or Champagne 

Method: We love a glass of bubbles on a hot day. In fact, any day, as we find even the smallest victories to celebrate! For add some Sweet Potato smoothness to our sparkle, our drinks experts recommend adding a measure of Sweet Potato Orangecello to a glass of Prosecco, and garnishing with some orange oils twist from a peel of fresh orange. Devine. Our oranges are as carefully hand selected as our Sweet Potatoes. We choose the finest oranges from Spain to deliver this refreshing classic. Sit back and enjoy…. what shall we celebrate?! 

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The Plum Negroni

Ingredients: Glass: Rocks Ice: Cubed Garnish: Plum segment + orange twist oils 25ml Sweet Potato Plum Gin Liqueur 25ml Sweet Vermouth 25ml Campari 

Method: Taking a rocks glass, add equal parts of Sweet Potato Gin, Sweet Vermouth and Campari served on ice or straight up with some orange oils (take a peel of orange and squeeze to release the oils). If you’re wondering what this thing is called a Negroni that everyone’s drinking nowadays fear not, The Sweet Potato Spirit Company is here to make an introduction. Classically it’s equal parts Gin (in this case, our elegant Plum Gin Liqueur) Sweet Vermouth and Campari served on ice or straight up with some orange oils and a knowing smile. Garnish with an orange twist or a slice of plum. 

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Lavender Gin & Tonic

Ingredients: Glass: Globe (recommended) / Highball Ice: Cubed Garnish: Lime wedge + dried lavender sprigs 50ml Sweet Potato London Dry Gin 10ml Lavender syrup Top with Tonic water 

Method: Grab a large highball or globe glass, fill with ice then add a good measure of Sweet Potato London Dry Gin and tonic water. Drizzle in a small tablespoon of lavender syrup before squeezing and dropping a lime wedge on top. Garnish with lavender sprigs; sip and savour! 

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