As the temperatures rise and you strive to make the most of the long days, it’s time to stock up your drinks cabinet with some seasonally appropriate beverages. When contemplating the perfect drinks for summer, think refreshing, colourful and fun. Whatever you can do to bring the season to your glass, whether it’s in the form of a fresh garnish or in the choice of drink itself, will help to elevate your summer sips to something really special. Whether it’s our moonshine, vodka or gin drinks that have caught your eye, read on to find out more about how to serve them and which to choose for each summer occasion. 

The best SP summer drink to take to a BBQ 

If you need a bottle of something quirky to take to a friend’s BBQ, then we believe you can’t go wrong with our SP range of award winning spirits made from hand-picked sweet potatoes. If we had to choose, though, we’d go with our Sweet Potato Pink Marshmallow Moonshine 

summer drink - moonshine

Not only is it bottled up in a stylish slimline design finished with a pink wax seal which is sure to turn heads, but it ticks all the boxes for the perfect summer drink: 

It’s refreshing - you can serve it in a highball glass topped up with lemonade for a long, thirst quenching drink. You can also top up a double shot of SP Pink Marshmallow Moonshine with prosecco for a sophisticated pre dinner drink. 

It’s colourful - if you can find something pink to serve it with, you can emphasise the colour inspiration behind this drink. We love rose lemonade, or you could try it with raspberry tonic water or pink grapefruit juice. 

It’s fun - with your choice of garnish, you can bring out the playful side of this moonshine drink. Try raspberries, coconut shavings, strawberries or mini marshmallows to give your summer drinks real seasonal appeal. 

The best SP summer drink to pack for your staycation 

When it comes to drinks for summer holidays, one of the most important considerations is finding something crowd-pleasing. If you’re planning on taking a staycation here in the UK, you’ll no doubt be planning to take the kitchen sink, so why not include a bottle or two of your favourite spirit or something new to try? We’d have to say that one of the best drinks for summer is gin. It’s versatile, it can be served in a variety of long refreshing drinks and it comes in a variety of different flavour and botanical combinations. 

gin drinks for summer

If we had to choose just one of our gin drinks to pack for a staycation, we’d be hard pushed, but would probably plump for our Sweet Potato London Dry Gin, for its smoothness and versatility. There’s a way for everyone to enjoy this gin, so if you’re heading off on holiday as a group, or just want a grown up drink to enjoy when the kids have gone to bed, try one of these great serves: 

  • Drink neat or over ice - yes, our gin is that smooth that it doesn't need anything else! 
  • Enjoy as part of a classic G&T but add a shot of lavender syrup to add a new fragrant dimension to this summer favourite, or go herby with a thyme or rosemary sprig as a garnish. 
  • Mix up a gin cocktail such as a French 75 - mix equal parts of our SP London Dry Gin with our SP Orange Gin Liqueur and lemon juice. Add 5 ml of sugar and top up with prosecco or the fizz of your choice. 

The best SP summer drink to take to a party or event 

Whether it’s a summer festival, a party to celebrate a big family occasion or just a gathering of friends wanting to make the most of a long balmy evening, there’s nothing better than enjoying an alfresco drink.  

easy summer vodka drinks

If you are looking for the perfect summer sips to enjoy with family and friends at parties and events this summer, look no further than our Sweet Potato Vodka. Described as a sipping vodka, this versatile spirit is smooth enough to be enjoyed neat but works equally well mixed up in a long drink or cocktail. 

For a sophisticated summer drink try whipping up a quick dirty martini by combining 50ml of our SP Vodka with 10ml dry vermouth and a little olive brine. Serve in a coupe glass with an olive garnish. 

For easy summer vodka drinks that are sure to get the crowd talking, visit our vodka recipes page for classic vodka cocktails such as the cosmopolitan,or screwdriver with a unique SP twist! 

Serving drinks for summer: top tips 

  • It’s summer, so make sure you or your host have plenty of ice! 
  • If you’re planning on making cocktails, make sure you take all the ingredients with you, including a shaker. If you need syrups remember to prepare these at home first. 
  • Stock up on summer garnishes as they’re great for adding a splash of colour and flavour to your soft drinks too! We love fresh berries, fresh herb sprigs, lemons, limes and grapefruits, pineapple wedges and cucumber slices. 
  • If you’re hosting a summer drinks party, don’t forget about the nibbles!  

Whatever the summer occasion we think there’s an SP drink to suit, so why not check out our entire range of sweet potato spirits and find your perfect drinks for summer.