About us

It begins with our love of sweet potatoes. Yes we love them as a side order of fries but we wanted to push the boundaries of taste and texture and take the humble sweet potato to a higher level.

As master moonshiners did with corn mash many moons ago, we took the smooth, rich flesh of the sweet potato and used it to bolster a heady mix of botanicals and spices to craft our range of truly artisan sweet potato spirits and liqueurs.

We only use the best sweet potatoes; exclusively Scott Farms.  The Scott family has been growing sweet potatoes for four generations in the sunshine of North Carolina, USA. Each sweet potato they harvest is hand picked and shipped to us with the same love and attention that we apply to our distilling methods.

Our Spirits

Each sweet potato spirit is hand crafted from scratch using the best raw ingredients. 

The sweet potatoes we use are hand picked, our raspberries home grown, we want our citrus juicy, our spices fiery... each spirit draws on a refreshingly bespoke blend that suits its personality.


Using methods passed down over years and copper stills that could tell stories, we craft our sweet potato spirits and liqueurs in the manner of a Michelin-starred restaurant within the world of distilling, grabbing as much flavour into the product with as much refined smoothness as is physically possible.  

The result is a joy of a drink that doesn't burn, but cradles you as you reach for another sip.

The percentage of alcohol in each sweet potato spirit was determined not in an arbitrary manner but because that was the precise amount that held together the intense ensemble of flavours that we wanted.