The Signature G & T is made with our London Dry Gin, fresh lime and lavender syrup. Our London Dry with its citrus notes a drop lavender syrup really brings the flavours to life. We recommend drinking this from a Globe/Highball glass to release the botanical aroma with plenty of ice and fresh limes, it works really well with Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic water.


Glass: Globe / Highball
Ice: Cubed
Garnish: Lime wedge + dried lavender sprigs
Straw: 8” biodegradable

Method: Build 

Additional Ideas: The Gin & Krishna Tonic
For an equally refreshing alternative. Mix 60ml Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic water with 35ml of our Sweet Potato Gin Krishna in a Globe/Highball glass. Finishing off with a slice of fresh lime as a garnish. The perfect way to enjoy the spices of India in a drink.

Additional Ideas: SP London Dry & Tonic
Our award winning london dry Gin is so good it has a great taste award along with multiple gold medal. It makes an amazing gin and tonic.
Take 35ml of Sweet Potato London Drygin, in a Highball glass mix with 60ml of Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water and a squeeze of fresh lime.


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