2021 New Products and Recipes

SP Indian Spiced Gin

A super smooth, made from scratch, Copper Pot distilled Gin inspired by the spectacular spices and cuisines found along the 1400 kilometres of the Krishna River. Crisp, soft juniper on the fore-palate dance to the exotic tune of Asian Spices before a gentle breeze of citrus zests draws you into the next sip.

This is a unique range of flavours and spices, the best way we can bring all this together is the classic gin and tonic, Your palate will notice the subtle flavour notes that add for a unique refreshing G&T for those who love exploring this classic serve, the SP Indian Spiced Gin is for you.


SP Krishna G & TSP Spiced G & T

If you love a Gin & Tonic you will love it with our SP Indian Spiced Gin, its bold spices really add and extra depth to classic serves and cocktails.

Glass: Highball
Ice: Yes, cubed
Garnish: Lime Wedge
Straw: Yes:  metal, reusable


Method: fill glass with ice add ingredients and stir


SP Espresso Rum

A superb double distilled English Rum fermented with molasses and co-distilled with Sweet Potato and five different types of Arabica Coffee Beans, each individually selected for their outstanding taste.

Cracked Caramel Christmas Cake notes boogie with the rich Vanilla and Tobacco of the Coffee making for an unforgettable rum journey. 

SP Espresso Stout Surprise

SP Stout Surprise

This is the most logical combination of liquids, its so simple and tasty.

Glass: Coupette or highball
Ice: No
Garnish: N/A
Straw: N/A


Method: Add Espresso Rum Liqueur and top with Guiness


SP Honey Moonshine

Our Super smooth Copper Pot distilled moonshine blended with fine British Honey. A delightfully rich Honey-Suckle Blossom nose awaits followed by a lingering buttery cream finish. This is a new product and if you enjoy our Toffee Apple Moonshine this is a refreshing spring and summer drink.

SP Honey Moonshine RefresherSP Honey Moonshine Refresher

This is just perfect for Spring and if you make it warm its great in Autumn

Glass: Highball
Ice: Yes, cubed or Crushed
Garnish: Lemon Wheel
Straw: Yes, reusable


Method: Fill glass with ice, add ingredients and stir.


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