If you are one of the 10% of Brits who have participated in Veganuary since it started ten years ago, or you have just completed your first ever month of eating a plant based diet, congratulations! Not only have you done your bit to support the environment and animal welfare, but you have probably also found exciting new recipes, foods and drinks to enjoy. We hope you haven’t missed out on your favourite tipple whilst following a vegan lifestyle, but if you haven’t yet found the perfect vegan alcoholic drinks to enjoy with friends and family or to help you wind down after a busy week, we’re here to help.

We have 15 spirits that are vegan friendly. This means you can enjoy our drinks, guilt free, as part of a vegan lifestyle. 

Can vegans drink alcohol? 

The short answer is yes. Vegans can drink alcohol, but only if the ingredients it contains and the way it has been processed does not involve any animal products. Whilst some alcoholic drinks are not naturally vegan, due to the filtering, colouring and flavouring processes used, it is still possible to enjoy your favourite drink, so long as you choose a product that has clear vegan-friendly labelling. 

In general, certain drinks, such as unflavoured spirits, are more likely to be vegan friendly as they undergo distillation rather than filtration. However, if you are unsure, it is best to check the bottle or ask the manufacturer. 

Our favourite drinks for vegans 

If you can’t choose from our range, here are just a few of our popular drinks for vegans:

Sweet Potato London Dry Gin 

Smooth and versatile, our Sweet Potato London Dry Gin combines the aromatic botanicals of juniper, cardamom, coriander and lemon zest with the creaminess of our sweet potatoes. All wrapped up in our fabulous bottle, this makes a great gift, or you can blend it with your favourite vegan mixers for a refreshing long drink. Click here to find out more.

Sweet Potato Moonshine 

Perfect for whisky lovers, this smooth, warming drink is ideal served neat or over ice. Bottled at 42% ABV it retains all the flavours of our delicious sweet potatoes and is a real crowd pleaser! Click here to find out more.

Sweet Potato Espresso Rum Liqueur 

If you’re looking for vegan alcoholic drinks that can be served after dinner, look no further than our Sweet Potato Espresso Rum Liqueur. It’s the perfect combination of creamy sweet potato, spicy rum and smoky coffee and works well as an after supper sipper, or mixed up into an espresso martini. Find out more.

Sweet Potato Orange Gin Liqueur 

We all know how popular flavoured gins are, as they make great standalone drinks, mixers or cocktail ingredients. Our orange gin liqueur is a sweet yet tangy drink with a delicate citrus aroma that is super delicious when topped up with prosecco! Find out more. 

Shop now for our vegan alcohol drinks 

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*Please be aware that our Sweet Potato Honey Moonshine Liqueur contains honey and is unsuitable for vegans.