Whether you are looking for the ideal aperitif to get the most romantic night of the year off to the perfect start, or a relaxing after-dinner tipple, Valentine’s Day offers the perfect opportunity to be creative. When choosing Valentine’s Day drinks, thinking bright and colourful as well as refreshing and flavourful will guarantee the perfect romantic atmosphere as well as hitting the spot on adventurous flavour.  

No matter what your plans are this Valentine’s Day, we’re here to help you pick the perfect drinks for each stage of the evening with our 5 most romantic Valentine’s Day drinks.  

Sparkling Bubbles 

valentines day drinks - something with bubbles

Valentine’s Day offers the perfect opportunity to switch your traditional mixer for something more sophisticated and adventurous. Many of our sweet potato drinks are perfect for serving with Prosseco, Champagne and sparkling wine as an aperitif at the beginning of the evening to welcome your guest and set a sophisticated and romantic tone for the meal.  

Select your guests favourite taste, such as a subtle Lavender Gin Liqueur, or a tangy and tasty Orange Gin Liqueur, to convey the intended tone of the evening and to demonstrate your skill at combining tastes and trying new recipes.  

Pretty and Pink 

Valentines day drinks - pretty in pink

Our World Spirits Award-winning Sweet Potato Raspberry Gin Liqueur is the best versatile spirit to add a sophisticated and personal touch to your Valentine’s Day drinks. Our raspberry gin liqueur can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, including:  

  • With Fizz - For a sparkling and sophisticated Valentine’s Day drink, pour 25 ml of our raspberry gin liqueur in a champagne glass and top up with Prosecco, Champagne or sparkling wine for a romantic pink hue.  
  • Mix with our London Dry Gin for a sophisticated aperitif - add 50ml of our Sweet Potato London Dry Gin to 15ml of raspberry gin liqueur and 25 ml of lemon juice for a refreshing and sweet Gin Raspberry Bramble.  

Sharing is Caring 

valentines day drinks from The Sweet Potato Spirit Company

If you are looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day drinks for your date, then why not make a drink to share on the night? Deciding to make a sharing cocktail gives you the chance to enjoy your shared tastes together, as well as the creative freedom to experiment with a range of garnishes, mixers and spirits to create a truly unique Valentine’s Day experience.  

We always encourage you to experiment with your personal favourite flavours to find your perfect drink; but if you are looking for a tried and tested recipe to share with your loved one this Valentine’s Day, here are some of our favourite drinks to share.  

  • Sweet Potato Royal Cosmo - Combine our Sweet Potato Orange Gin Liqueur with our Sweet Potato Vodka, cranberry juice and lime juice for a refined and classic cocktail with a rose tint to reflect the romance of Valentine’s Day.  
  • Toffee Apple Nightingale - A romantic and refreshing drink, this cocktail also mirrors the romantic colours of Valentine’s Day. Made with elderflower cordial and pressed apple juice, this cocktail gets its romantic deep red hue from pomegranate juice and our Sweet Potato Toffee Apple Moonshine for a refreshing cocktail that is ideal for sharing.  
  • Sweet Potato Orange Gin and Ginger Ale - For a bold and spicy drink that reflects the passion within your heart, mix our Sweet Potato Orange gin with your choice of ginger ale and syrup to taste before garnishing with freshly chopped mint.  

Something Chilled to Keep Your Cool 

Valentines Day Drinks

No matter what drinks you decide to try this Valentine’s Day, serving them chilled or on the rocks is the best way to keep your cool on the big night.  

  • Raspberry Gin Liqueur Cocktail - Add 50ml of our raspberry gin liqueur with 150ml of rose wine, a few crushed raspberries and your choice of syrup to taste in a freezer bag. Once frozen, pour the cocktail into a blender and blend to your preference. Serve in a chilled wine glass with a raspberry garnish to impress your Valentine.  
  • Moonshine: We produce a range of moonshine spirits, each one as unique and imaginative as the last. A versatile alternative to other spirits, our moonshine drinks are an excellent drink to enjoy neat. You can also try our Pink Marshmallow Moonshine for a sweet, nostalgic chilled cocktail, or combine our Honey Moonshine with lemonade for a creamy, smooth finish.  

The Perfect After-Dinner Drinks 

after dinner drinks

After the main event of a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner, be sure to end your evening in style with the perfect after-dinner drinks. Whilst it may be tempting to pull out a huge Valentine’s Day showstopper to finish the night on a high, the best way to end the evening is with a subtle, refined drink; particularly if your night has involved many fruity tastes and adventurous cocktails.  

  • Sweet Potato Chocolate Orange Espresso Martini: this rich and creamy after-dinner drink is made using a trio of our Sweet Potato spirits. Combine 20ml of SP London Dry Gin with 15ml of SP Chocolate Moonshine, 15ml of SP Orange gin and 25-50ml of strong espresso shots to taste.  
  • Gin and Tonic: After dinner is when the opportunity to savour and enjoy tastes is most encouraged. Your choice of spirit from our gin, moonshine or vodka range, combined with your choice of mixer and served on the rocks, always guarantees a refreshing and elegant drink to end the special evening on a relaxed note.  

All the spirits needed to make these Valentine’s Day drinks are available as 50cl and 5cl bottles, so the choice is yours on how you use these versatile and delicious spirits. Click here to view our full range of spirits and gifts for Valentine’s Day.