With Mother’s Day just around the corner, you will no doubt be on the search for thoughtful gifts that are unique, meaningful, and guaranteed to bring a smile to her face. Mother’s Day offers a wonderful opportunity to show your love and appreciation for your mum and to celebrate the women and mother figures in your life. Our range of award-winning spirits offers something unique and delicious to suit every taste and you are guaranteed to find the perfect flavour for your mother, grandmother, or someone who just deserves it.  

For Mother’s Day this year, we are throwing the spotlight on our Earl Grey Gin Liqueur as the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Most mum’s love a cuppa, so why not elevate this for Mother’s Day and give her a gift that combines two of her loves - Earl Grey tea and gin! This versatile and unique flavour offers a new twist to our diverse range, so read on as we reveal all about this refreshing and original spirit.  

The Inspiration 

Before becoming the quintessential Mother’s Day gift, this unique flavour was originally released as a Christmas special that became an SP staple thanks to its overwhelming popularity and positive response. Taking our Classic Gin and blending it with Earl Grey offers the full comfort and delicious taste of a cup of Earl Grey tea, with the smooth and clean  drinking experience that you expect from our range.  

How To Enjoy The Perfect Earl Grey Gin 

The mild floral and slightly spicy tones of Earl Grey tea is present in every sip of our versatile blend, particularly when served with a mixer that best compliments the flavour. Here are a few ways that we recommend serving this versatile drink.  

Earl Grey & Lemonade 

earl grey gin and lemonade

For a refreshing garden sipper after a heartwarming Mother’s Day lunch, pour 35ml of SP Earl Grey Gin Liqueur into a highball glass full of ice, or topped with crushed ice depending on your preference. Top the glass with lemonade and garnish with freshly squeezed lemon and a lemon wedge to really bring out the bright floral tones of the Liqueur.  

SP Earl Grey Gin Sparkle 

earl grey gin sparkle

For the perfect drink to get the Mother’s Day celebrations started, particularly if they involve afternoon tea with prosecco and cake, we recommend our Earl Grey Gin mixed with Prosecco, Champagne or a sparkling wine of your choice. Add 25ml of SP Earl Grey Gin Liqueur into a coupette glass or flute and top with Prosecco. To add another element of glamour and sophistication to the celebrations, we recommend adding frozen raspberries as a garnish to compliment the clean and delicate tea notes.  

Earl Grey and Raspberry Kombucha

earl grey gin liqueur

This combination of different flavours makes for an original and amazing drink for lovers of gin, Kombucha and, of course, Earl Grey. Add 35ml of SP Earl Grey Gin Liqueur to a highball glass full of ice or topped with crushed ice. Top with Raspberry Kombucha Lemonade and garnish with frozen raspberries for the perfect drink to toast the women in your life this Mother’s Day.  

Click here to shop for our Earl Grey Gin Liqueur or for more inspiration on how to serve it.  

Fancy A Taste? 

mother's day gifts

This unique and original flavour of gin is available as a 5cl, in our 20cl Twin Pack, or as part of the Choose Your Own Giftbox range, offering you a range of choices for picking up a bottle this Mother’s Day.

If you fancy picking up several different flavours for your mother, or you’re having trouble deciding which of our extensive range to choose, why not order several miniatures for her? Click here to view our full range of spirits and gifts.