Get ready to raise your glasses and toast to the new King on 6th May with these delicious and stylish coronation party drinks. Whether you are hosting a coronation street party, or a stylish garden party in the May sunshine, we’ve rounded up the best crowd-pleasing recipes to make your event a royal success.  

Royal Cosmo

Royal Cosmo

As the name suggests, this sweet potato twist on a timeless cocktail is the perfect coronation party drink. Mix 20ml of our Sweet Potato Vodka with 20ml of our Sweet Potato Orange Gin Liqueur and top up with 40ml of cranberry juice and 15ml of lime juice, served in a martini glass to enjoy the celebrations.  

Regal Raspberry Spritz 

Regal Raspberry Spritz

Make the most of the flowing bubbles with a refreshing and fruity combination. Simply mix 25ml of our Sweet Potato Raspberry Gin Liqueur with your choice of prosecco, champagne or sparkling wine. Add a splash of fresh lime juice and soda, and garnish with raspberry or orange for that extra touch of regal elegance.  

Spiced Rum Monarch Mojito

Spiced Rum Monarch Mojito

One of our favourite summertime cocktails, this refreshing cocktail really hits the spot on those sunny May afternoons. Combine 50ml of our signature Sweet Potato Spiced Rum with 20ml of lime juice and 15ml of sugar syrup, topped up with ginger beer or lemonade to taste. For an extra kick of heat, garnish with a few optional slices of fresh chilli to toast to the new king.  

Elegant Earl Grey 

Earl Grey Gin

Commemorate this historic occasion in all its grandeur with our unique and bold Sweet Potato Earl Grey Gin Liqueur. This versatile gin can be combined with a variety of mixers as the day progresses to create a range of showstopping coronation party drinks.  

With Afternoon Tea 

The refreshing and crisp taste of our signature gin infused with Earl Grey tea, blended perfectly with a bubbly prosecco, is the perfect aperitif to enjoy afternoon tea with. For an extra touch of elegance, serve it in a coupette and garnish with a handful of frozen blueberries. 

During the Party  

Combine our Sweet Potato Earl Grey Gin Liqueur, freshly squeezed lemon juice, and Raspberry Kombucha Lemonade in a highball glass with full ice or topped with crushed ice, and garnish with a frozen raspberry for a touch of elegance. Don't forget to use a reusable straw to sip this royal delight! 

In The Evening  

Our Earl Grey Gin and lemonade is a simple and relaxing combination to enjoy with your loved ones as you unwind after an exhilarating day. This cocktail is made with our Sweet Potato Earl Grey Gin Liqueur, served in a highball glass filled with cubed or crushed ice, freshly squeezed lemon juice and topped with lemonade to taste. A lemon wedge garnish adds a touch of elegance and we recommend a reusable straw for sustainable sipping.  

Lords and Ladies Lavender Gin

Lord and Ladies Lavender Gin 

The sweet and floral notes of our Sweet Potato Lavender Gin Liqueur add an elegant and refreshing touch to any cocktail and can be paired with a variety of mixers to create delicious beverages that will impress your guests.  

For a classic Lavender Fizz, combine 35ml of our Sweet Potato Lavender Gin with 100ml of Sicilian Lemonade and 5ml of honey in a highball glass with ice and a lemon wedge. Or, try our Lavender Grapefruit Fizz by blending 35ml of our gin with 100ml Grapefruit Tonic and garnishing with grapefruit. For a simple yet elegant Lavender Garden Fizz, drizzle honey into a glass, fill with ice, fresh basil, and cucumber, and top up with prosecco before adding a measure of Lavender Gin. Scaling up is easy too; multiply all measurements by four to create a garden pitcher for your coronation party. 

However you and your loved ones are planning on celebrating this momentous historical occasion, be sure to do it in style with our range of gins, liqueurs and moonshine. All the spirits needed to make these coronation drinks, as well as our many other unique flavours, can be found in our full range