Easter Moonshakes with The Sweet Potato Spirit Co
If you love a milkshake, tasty dessert or something different then moonshakes are for you. To make a Moonshake, we add 2 dashes of Moonshine to taste one scoop of ice cream a handful of ice and top with your favourite milk.
With flavours like Toffee Apple, Pink Marshmallow, Chocolate Chilli & Honey - there are plenty of fun recipes to enjoy this summer, starting with these amazing recipes!

We have tried combinations like:

If you love Toffee Apple we recommend Mixing it with chocolate chip.

Toffee Apple Chocolate Chip

Recently we cheated and blended our Espresso Rum Liqueur with Vanilla ice cream and almond milk, wow! This was really special and if you love coffee, you won't be disappointed.

Eapresso Rum Ice Cream - The Sweet Potato Spirit Co

For those who Love gin, This recipe is a great alternate dessert, orange gin topped with raspberry sorbet and Prosecco.

Orange Gin Sorbet - The Sweet Potato Spirit Co


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