If you love a little history with your drink, think about what’s in your glass and most importantly, what inspired it. When it comes to Indian spiced gin, the flavours are very much inspired by the spice routes, or Maritime Silk Roads, which linked the east with the west for trade purposes. As traders bought and sold goods from port to port, they were often traded in spices, which thus found their way far from home and became part of our diet. Indian spiced gin takes its inspiration from this ancient form of trade, featuring eastern spices such as cinnamon, coriander and cassia. If you love the sound of oriental spiced gin but get bored drinking it with tonic water, here are some mixers and recipes to try. 

Spiced gin mixers 

If bog standard tonic water has failed to captivate your interest why not try one of the flavoured varieties? There are currently lots of choices out there, from spiced tonic to citrus tonics, both of which perfectly complement the aromatic spices of our Sweet Potato Indian Spiced Gin. 

If tonic’s really not your thing, try mixing spiced gin with ginger ale or ginger beer. It’s best not to go overly hot with your ginger mixer or you might mask all those other delicate spices in your gin, but the fiery kick will definitely enhance the oriental flavours. 

For a middle eastern twist on your oriental spiced gin, try mixing with a little rosemary syrup and grapefruit soda, or gently heat with brown sugar, apple juice and nutmeg for a spiced hot punch to get you through those cold winter evenings. 

How to garnish spiced gin 

Indian spiced gin certainly knows how to handle its spices, so rather than garnish it with the usual lemon wedge, try something more oriental. A few ideas include: 

  • Cinnamon stick 
  • Slice of grapefruit 
  • Slice of fresh ginger 
  • A chilli (handle with caution!) 
  • Pear slices 
  • Lime (or calamansi) wedge 
  • Cloves 
  • Blood orange peel 
  • Star anise 
  • Pink peppercorns 

Try our Indian Spiced Gin 

Indian spiced gin

If these serving suggestions have whetted your drinks appetite then there’s nothing left for us to do, apart from introducing our own Indian Spiced Gin. Made with the finest, handpicked sweet potatoes and inspired by the spices and cuisines along the Krishna River, our spiced gin is perfect for supping in the summer sunshine or drinking around the fire on a cold winter’s evening. Buy now as a 50cl bottle, or try our miniatures.  

Try out some of our suggestions to find the best spiced gin mixer and garnish and let us know via social media, if you’re onto a winner! Connect with us today on Facebook or Instagram by searching for @sweetpotatospiritcompany.