Traditionally supped on the sly or in a speakeasy, moonshine is now a versatile drink that is openly welcomed as an alternative to other spirits. If you’ve never tried it before or are looking for the best ways to drink moonshine, this blog is for you. We are going to reveal five fabulous ways to enjoy this popular alcoholic beverage and point you in the right direction if you’re looking to buy a bottle of one of our sweet potato moonshine drinks.  

1.Neat moonshine 

If you’ve got good moonshine (and we do!), one of the best ways to enjoy it is neat. Served simply in a small glass at room temperature is one of the most enjoyable ways to bring out the flavours of whatever the moonshine has been made with - in our case this is our delicious, handpicked sweet potatoes, which result in a smooth, caramel finish. 

2.To replace whisky 

Whisky lovers are often looking for a new brand, region or distillery to try something a little different, but still with the nose, depth and legs of a good whisky. For the brave, this can mean stepping outside the scotch box (or whatever your regional preference) and trying something else. Moonshine is a great alternative to whisky. Ours is bottled at 42% so it retains the creaminess and smoothness from the sweet potatoes but doesn’t compromise on packing a punch to those who love strength and depth in their drinks. You can serve neat, over ice or with a splash of water - however you prefer your whisky is a good place to start. 

3.Flavoured moonshine liqueur 

moonshine range

If straight moonshine doesn’t appeal to you because you prefer something with an even smoother easy drinking style, then why not try one of our flavoured moonshine liqueurs? We’ve got something for everyone with our liqueur range including: 

  • Toffee Apple Moonshine - a complex, candied drink that feels like an ode to crème brûlée, and would make the perfect tipple for Halloween or Bonfire Night. 
  • Pink Marshmallow Moonshine - like taking a trip to an old fashioned sweet shop or losing yourself in soft, fluffy clouds of candyfloss. 
  • Chocolate Moonshine with Chilli - smooth and rich with a hint of piquant heat, this is definitely one to try if you’re a chocoholic or a chilli head! 
  • Honey Moonshine - a creamy, buttery drink with gorgeous honeysuckle aromas, perfect topped up with lemonade. 

4.Moonshine cocktails 

If it’s flavour combinations you’re after, or a long drink is needed, you can mix up one of our moonshine drinks to make a mouthwatering cocktail. Use our classic Sweet Potato Moonshine to make a crisp mint julep, Pink Marshmallow is fabulous topped up with Prosecco or if you’re feeling adventurous try shaking up an espresso martini with our Chocolate with Chilli & Toffee Apple Moonshines. Find out more by visiting our moonshine recipe page. 

5.Get crafty with moonshine miniatures 

moonshine miniatures

If you love our moonshine and want to share it with others, why not put together one of our build your own gift boxes? Choose 4 miniatures from our entire range for them to sample. Or, if you’re feeling festive, why not get crafty with our moonshine miniatures and make your own advent calendar? You can put a bottle behind each door or mix and match them with your recipient’s favourite chocolate treats for a bespoke gift that counts them down to Christmas.  

However you serve your moonshine, we know you (or they) will enjoy it!