The perfect summer to autumn drink 

Whether you have been basking in the sunshine so far this summer, or trying to avoid a meltdown in the latest heatwave, you’ve probably been looking for a refreshing drink for barbecues and gatherings. In the warmer weather, it’s normal to crave something other than your usual tipple as you look for something that will hit the spot, but also quench your thirst. We think we’ve got the answer in our Sweet Potato Raspberry Gin Liqueur.   

Awarded a World Spirits Award, our raspberry gin liqueur is a tantalising mix of sugary sweetness and tart acidity. Open the bottle and you’ll smell the bouquet of violet petals, sip neat and you’ll get a mouthful of fruity deliciousness. But why stop there? 

How to drink our Raspberry Gin Liqueur 

Not only does our SP Raspberry Gin Liqueur work really well sipped alfresco as the sun goes down, but equally it is a fantastic autumn drink to boost your spirits as the cool evenings draw in. Here are just a few of the ways that we recommend serving this versatile drink. 

With fizz for a gathering of friends 

For a simple summer sparkle, pour 25ml of our raspberry gin liqueur in a champagne glass and top up with Prosecco, Champagne or the sparkling wine of your choice. Serve to your guests or take the ingredients with you to get the party started. 

As a cocktail to impress your hot date 

In a freezer bag, mix 50ml of raspberry gin liqueur with 150ml of rose wine, a few crushed raspberries and a little simple syrup to taste. Once frozen, pour the contents of the bag into a blender and create your own cooling cocktail, ready to serve in a wine glass with a raspberry garnish. No matter how hot your date gets, you’ll have something to help keep your cool! 

Mix with our London Dry over ice for a sophisticated aperitif 

If you’re looking for something cool and refreshing yet slightly autumnal to sup before dinner, why not try a gin raspberry bramble? Combine 50ml of our Sweet Potato London Dry Gin with 15ml raspberry gin liqueur and 25ml of lemon juice. Serve over crushed ice with a blackberry garnish and preferably a great view! 

Ways to buy our SP Raspberry Gin Liqueur 

Just as there is more than one way to drink raspberry gin liqueur, so too are there several ways to buy it. Whether you are purchasing for yourself, wanting a little taste of something new or searching for the perfect gift, choose from: 

  • 50cl bottle 
  • Miniature bottle (on it’s own or with 3 other miniatures in a customised gift box) 
  • 50cl bottle with a gift bag - for the perfect ready made gift 

Click here to shop for our raspberry gin liqueur or for more inspiration on how to drink it.  

Fancy a taste? 

If you’d like a taste of our sweet potato spirits, why not come along to one of the many events we’re exhibiting at this summer and autumn? As always the SP team are busy taking our range of spirits on the road so that you can sample and buy as part of your entertainment calendar. Visit our events page to find out where we’ll be next - and hopefully we’ll see you there!