The Pink Pack


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Spirits Range

Packed full of fun, The Pink Pack features two of our most loved and award-winning flavours at a special reduced price. Spend over £25 and get FREE delivery

Our Pink Marshmallow Moonshine and Raspberry Gin Liqueur are both delicious added to Prosecco with fresh raspberries for a refreshing summer tipple. They also pair well with lemonade and soda in a tall glass with ice and fresh lime, bringing out extra depth of flavour.

What's in the Pack?

  • 50cl (2*50cl of each flavour)
  • Mini Pink Pack (2*5cl of each flavour)
  • Pink Pack Double 1 (2*50cl Raspberry Gin)
  • Pink Pack Double 2 (2*50cl Pink Marshmallow)
  • Pink Globe Pack 1 (Globe Glass with 20cl Raspberry Gin and 5cl Pink Marshmallow)
  • Pink Globe Pack 2 (Globe glass with 20cl Pink Marshmallow and 5cl Raspberry Gin)