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This is the deal of the summer, try our SP Pink Pack and sample the versatility of our Sweet Potato range, in pink!! 

What do they have in common?

  • PROSECCO - They both work amazingly with prosecco and fresh raspberries.
  • LEMONADE - Lemonade really brings out some extra depth in these drinks, in a tall glass, filled with ice
  • SODA - Lengthened with soda, you get a cream soda for adults when you add Pink Marshmallow Moonshine, add our SP Raspberry Gin Liqueur and you have a very refreshing summer sipper, we like to add some fresh lime too.

We are pleased to announce our Pink Pack is now available is the following new variants:
  • Mini Pink Pack (2*5cl Pink Marshmallow moonshine & 2*5cl Raspberry Gin)
  • Pink Pack double 1 (2*50cl of Raspberry Gin)
  • Pink Pack double 2 (2*50cl of Pink Marshmallow Moonshine)
  • Pink Globe Pack 1 (Globe glass with 20cl Raspberry Gin and 5cl Pink Marshmallow Moonshine)
  • Pink Globe Pack 2 (Globe glass with 20cl Pink Marshmallow Moonshine and 5cl Raspberry Gin)
Both of these vegan-friendly SP spirits are so versatile, don't take our word for it... Take advantage of this amazing summer offer, whilst you can!