Tasty cocktails YOU can make at home with our SP Giftpacks

July 25, 2020

We have a range of simple SP cocktails you can make at home. Here are some simple rules to make your at-home drinking better:

Fresh fruits for garnish and lots of ice. We recommend 1 bag of ice, limes, lemons, oranges & fresh raspberries. Extra's that also work well are dehydrated fruit, thyme, mint & basil. We're not just assisting with essential drinking ingredients, we're also helping your kitchen smell fresh!

Introducing SP Giftpacks

If you buy our mini gift packs (4 for £20) You can make between 4-8 drinks, depending on how you like them. 2 classic serves - Orange Gin & Ginger Ale. Pink Marshmallow Moonshine & Lemonade.


Introducing SP Giftpacks

We use the freshest English Plums in our SP Plum Gin. So it's only natural to use them as a garnish, our plum gin works so well with fresh lime. This drink is very simple, but also really refreshing.


Introducing SP Giftpacks

This classic cocktail with ginger beer is a favourite in many pubs & bars. If you like it extra spicy, we recommend a few chilli flakes on the top!