SP Cocktail Packs
Be the bartender at home with our SP intro cocktail pack for just £24.95 you can get our cocktail pack with 6 mixers & unlock new flavour combinations for at home and garden drinks. 

Mixers: Fentimans Rose Lemonade, San Pellegrino: Limonata, Orange & Pomegranate, Fentimans Lemonade, Ginger Ale & Soda

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We have a range of cocktail suggestions from: 
  • Pink Marshmallow & Rose Lemonade
  • Raspberry Gin & Limonata with fresh raspberries & an orange slice
  • Orange Gin & Ginger Ale with fresh orange slices 
  • Toffee Apple with Orange & Pomegranate & fresh apple slices
These work great with 25ml of SP. You can make up to 8 great cocktails with this pack & we also recommend mixing with prosecco, sparkling water or some fruit juice.
The extra 2 mixers included work well with each product, lemonade & soda are recommended mixers by our customers.
Have you tried mixing with soda & prosecco to lengthen your drink?

Key SP Tips: What else do you need? We recommend a bag of ice & fruits. Orange, Lime, Apple & raspberries. Always top your glass with ice.