Gin To My Tonic Show
This weekend we are at Gin to my Tonic show Glasgow, Scotland.
Sweet Potato Spirits are exhibiting at the 2020 Gin to my Tonic Show in Glasgow. We're really excited to showcase our SPS Award winning spirits at the SECC where we have our London Dry Gin, Lavender, Plum, Orange and Raspberry Gin Liqueurs. We will also be showcasing our moonshine range: pink marshmallow, toffee apple and chocolate chilli.
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If you can't manage - you can purchase our Spirits online via our website. We also offer gift packs in 20 and 5cl. Click here to buy.
What are we drinking right now?
Glass: Tumbler
Ingredients: 50cl Raspberry Gin with 50cl pineapple juice, topped with soda. 
Garnish: 2 pineapple leaves.
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