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Whether you love it or hate it, whisky has always been a popular drink, but there may be a new kid on the block - moonshine. 

In the UK there are over 6 million Scotch whisky drinkers but despite campaigns to shake off its traditional image as the drink of hardy men, numbers are falling.Those craving a smooth spirit with depth are obviously starting to look elsewhere, so, if you are looking to switch up your Friday night post-work drink with friends, or want something a little special to round off the perfect meal, our moonshine drink is one of the best alternatives to whisky and here’s why: 

Moonshine is a traditional drink 

Like whisky, moonshine is a traditional drink. It originated in the United States shortly after the American Revolution when the government’s decision to tax liquor and spirits to pay off its extensive war bill led to the illegal night time distillation of spirits ‘under the light of the moon’. Moonshine was born and when prohibition was enforced in 1920 its popularity soared and it became one of the most profitable businesses in the entire United States. Fast forward to today and we have retained the traditional distilling techniques of our forefathers to create a moonshine drink that is steeped in history, with no bootlegging and secret speakeasy password required. 

So, if you like a little history behind your tipple, as we know so many whisky drinkers do, then our Sweet Potato Moonshine is definitely one to try. 

Our moonshine drink is bottled at 42% ABV 

If you’ve ever taken the time to read the labels on what you drink then you might be wondering why some spirits are stronger than others and what difference it makes. To be called Scotch, whisky must be bottled at 40% ABV or more. The reasons for this are partly political (in a historical sense) but also, more importantly, to preserve the flavour profiles. Bottling whisky or pure, unflavoured moonshine at anything less than 40% means you lose a lot of the delicate top notes of the drink, which give off the initial aroma that hits your nose and paves the way for the flavours and finish to come.   

To ensure you get the most from the sweet aroma and delicate taste of our hand picked sweet potatoes, we bottle our original moonshine at 42% ABV. 

Of course, if you have a flavoured moonshine liqueur then you would expect the ABV to be lower as you can rely on the ingredients the moonshine has been blended with to pack the flavour punch. 

Whisky lovers will appreciate the vanilla flavour profile 

Single malt drinkers will be hard pushed to escape the popular Speyside whiskies which are epitomised by their vanilla flavour profile and honeyed caramel notes. If you, or the whisky drinker in your life, enjoy Speyside whiskies we challenge you to take a sidestep to our Sweet Potato Moonshine where you will find familiarity in the vanilla and peach flavours and golden caramel finish. 

It’s one of the smoothest alternatives to whisky 

If you use high quality ingredients, are passionate and respectful about your craftsmanship and practise skillful distillation then you can expect to achieve a smooth spirit. Cue our moonshine drink - a drink so smooth that it already has a Great Taste Award and a San Francisco World Spirit Award to its name! 

The perfect gift for whisky lovers 

If you have run out of whisky inspiration or are just looking for something a little different to challenge the palate of your whisky loving friends and family, our Sweet Potato Moonshine makes the ideal gift. Choose from a 50cl bottle in a gift bag or mix it up with our other miniatures to make a gift set.  

How to serve the perfect moonshine 

moonshine drink

At the end of the day we’re not going to tell you the definitive way to serve your moonshine, as, just like whisky, you’ll all have your own preferences but let’s just say it works equally well served neat as on the rocks or shaken up in a crisp mint julep on a summer’s day - delicious! 

Now that we’ve whetted your liquid appetite all that’s left is for us to point you in the right direction, so click here for gifts that include our moonshine drink or browse our full range of sweet potato spirits here. Remember that we offer free delivery on orders over £25 and if you have any questions about our products or need help selecting the perfect gift please get in touch.