It’s that time of year again folks! Of course, I mean it the harvest time of our flavoursome Sweet Potatoes. This year has been very kind to us, with frost-free conditions that make our potatoes grow to their highest quality. Over the next 2-3 weeks we will be hand picking our crop straight from the soil!

“Hand picking, S.P.?!” I hear you all exclaim!

Why, indeed, Sweet Potato lovers…indeed. This certainly isn’t the quickest method of harvesting, I can tell you! But this added care and attention ensures that our potatoes have no bruises or scratches, that will otherwise impact on the taste!

At every step of the process, you can be assured that S.P. Scott is on hand to ensure that only the most silky-smooth taste of Sweet Potato makes it into your glass!

Now it’s time to send our SP’s off to the distillery to be made into more tasty spirits!

Do join me again, when we will see the distillation in action!