Hello everyone, S.P. Scott here….

Behind the scenes at Sweet Potato Towers, my flavour alchemists have been hard at work! 

I am very pleased to introduce three new gin liqueurs into our family of flavours…please welcome Raspberry, Orange and Lavender Gin Liqueurs from The Sweet Potato Spirit Company!!!

We have sourced the freshest, fruitiest and most floral flavours to produce a new range of outstanding gin liqueurs: local lavender from the Cotswolds, the best of British raspberries, and the zestiest oranges from Seville.

The perfect marriage of our silky smooth sweet potato base spirit (it’s all about the base, remember!) and the finest fresh ingredients that Mother Nature has to offer.

Gin lovers will not be disappointed, as we use our very own Sweet Potato London Dry Gin as the base from which to add our all natural flavours (nothing artificial ever passes our lips!).

The results have truly blown me away  

Delicately balanced flavours make an immediate impression on the nose. I can close my eyes and with a deep breath taste the freshness, even before it reaches my taste buds! The flavours are so incredible, that there is really no need to mix! I lovely sipper…or a splash of your favourite tonic if you wish. 

If you do want to push the boat out, we’ll have some wonderful cocktails for you in the Spring, so stay tuned!

With these amazing Sweet Potato (SP) flavours available, the only question is really this: which SP are you?

Let’s take a closer look at the new arrivals:

Orange Gin Liqueur 

An immediate burst of fresh orange zest from ripe Seville Orange skin. Fresh top notes of freshly squeezed orange juice, that is immediately followed by a floral juniper and a rich marmalade finish. Full-bodied, with lingering orange oils that make this an excellent sipper!

Lavender Gin Liqueur

The Cotswold Lavender fields are ever present in this new summer classic. Dry lavender on the nose subtly entices, opening to lavender buds and candied violets. The floral juniper marries fragrant lavender to leave an enveloping soft texture on the palate. Delicious in a summer G&T, certain to be a hit.  

Raspberry Gin Liqueur

The flavour is extracted using traditional homemade methods that have been passed down for generations. It essentially involves Garry and Roger (Mr June and July respectively in the 2018 Sweet Potato Spirit Calendar) crushing the raspberries with their feet to extract the juice prior to maceration. On hot days, Garry even takes his Arsenal socks off. If that isn’t enough to get you salivating and running to the local spirits specialist, then quite frankly, nothing will.  

Or rather…

The powerful fruitiness of the finest English Raspberries, create an immediate impression of summer. Intense fruit notes are beautifully well rounded by the sweet potato base, allowing some elegant sweetness without tartness. A perfect addition to a dry Prosecco!

Life really is sweet in 2018!