Peach with flowers - a raw ingredient for sweet potato spirits
    Vanilla - an ingredient for sweet potato spirit
    Sweet Potato Moonshine served over ice showing bottle and wax seal


    We use only the best sweet potatoes in our Moonshine. Their rich orange flesh gives a silky smoothness to this sweet potato spirit that has to be tasted to be believed and bolsters a heady mix of vanilla, warm peach and apricot skins with a smack of golden caramel to finish.

    Lemons - a raw ingredient of sweet potato spirits
    Ginger -  a raw ingredient of sweet potato spirits
    Perfect serve of Spiced Rum from the Sweet Potato Spirit Company


    Welcome to the party where fine sugar cane molasses entwine with the best sweet potatoes giving a silky smoothness and intensity to our Sweet Potato Spiced Rum that has to be experienced to be believed. Dive into waves of ginger, treacle and lemon blossom coming up for air only to be enveloped by cherry, peach and warm spices with a tap of cracked-caramel to finish.  Spiced sweet potato spirit heaven...

    orange peel
    Orange- a raw ingredient for sweet potato spirits
    Sweet potato Orangecello close up served with a sliver of orange


    A perfect pairing of the best sweet potatoes, rich in texture and colour and mouth-watering fresh oranges to tickle the nose. Our Orangecello is creamy on the palate, moving to a crisp yet tangy orangey zest to finish.  Don't forget to shake it up before you pour...

    Berry flowers
    Perfect serve of Raspberry liqueur from the Sweet Potato Spirit Company


    Our Sweet Potato Raspberry Liqueur is refinement with bite in a glass.
  The silky smoothness of the best sweet potatoes married with the sharpness of fresh home grown raspberries and the perfume of violet petals gives way to a light fruit sugar rush with a long and refreshingly gentle acid hit to finish.  

    Sweet Potato Spirit Company small cloud
    Sweet Potato Spirit Company Cloud


    Lift somebody's spirits with our Sweet Potato Spirit Collection Gift Box starring our fabulous four sweet potato spirits as 5cl miniatures; Moonshine, Spiced Rum, Orangecello and Raspberry Liqueur.  Great for budding mixologists who want to show off.  We knew small could be perfect.